Faith O'Shauntasy (faithoshauntasy) wrote in hpscarves,
Faith O'Shauntasy

Knitting Progression


Mr. Padfoot (legomyelfboy) has finished his Gryffindor scarf. He has found appropriate yarns for one of the Rikku scarves that have been ordered. He has currently started the one Rikku scarf. He does have ample amounts of yarn for all house scarves save Hufflepuff, because as it would seem Hufflepuff has been shunted again ;)

Mr. Wormtail (faithoshauntasy) is currently finished his Gryffindor scarf and is also currently finished a Ravenclaw scarf. Both of his scarves have been mailed. He would like to admit his Gryffindor scarf colours vary slightly from Mr. Padfoot's scarf colours, but model pictures will be posted soon!

Mr. Wormtail's mother (leave comments to her with Mr. Wormtail) is currently attempting to do the custom dark green scarf with silver lining. She has finished the scarf and has tasseled it. Her scarf has also been mailed.

Mr. Moony has started on one of the Slytherin scarves that has been ordered. His progress is not available at this time.

Mr. Prongs is ready and awaiting completed scarves to model.
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