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[23 Sep 2005|07:50am]

The new site is up :) Anyone interested please visit - http://nyankon.underthelotusleaf.com

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[13 Oct 2004|11:05pm]

If anyone has any further questions regarding the scarves, please contact me on my personal journal. I will help you from there. Thank you.
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Ebaying with the Harry Potter Scarves... [06 Jun 2004|11:19pm]

Hello all!

We would like to present to you an easier way of getting the scarves.

Gryffindor Scarf starting bid $25 plus shipping and handling

Please visit the above link for more details.

Thank you!
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Knitting Progression [10 Jan 2004|06:29pm]


Mr. Padfoot (legomyelfboy) has finished his Gryffindor scarf. He has found appropriate yarns for one of the Rikku scarves that have been ordered. He has currently started the one Rikku scarf. He does have ample amounts of yarn for all house scarves save Hufflepuff, because as it would seem Hufflepuff has been shunted again ;)

Mr. Wormtail (faithoshauntasy) is currently finished his Gryffindor scarf and is also currently finished a Ravenclaw scarf. Both of his scarves have been mailed. He would like to admit his Gryffindor scarf colours vary slightly from Mr. Padfoot's scarf colours, but model pictures will be posted soon!

Mr. Wormtail's mother (leave comments to her with Mr. Wormtail) is currently attempting to do the custom dark green scarf with silver lining. She has finished the scarf and has tasseled it. Her scarf has also been mailed.

Mr. Moony has started on one of the Slytherin scarves that has been ordered. His progress is not available at this time.

Mr. Prongs is ready and awaiting completed scarves to model.
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Knitting Orders [10 Jan 2004|06:28pm]

Orders Paid and Mailed and Received:
iangelofmusici - Gryffindor - ordered 01/01/04 - paid - mailed 02/03/04 - received 02/12/04
priestesshimiko - film Ravenclaw - ordered 12/28/03 - paid - mailed 02/06/04 - received somewhere around 03/12/04
marcyleecorgan - custom - dark green with silver edges - ordered 12/28/03 - paid - mailed 02/06/04 - received somewhere around 03/12/04

Orders Paid:
sapphic_lens - Rikku scarf - 90" - ordered 12/30/03 - paid
acktacky - custom - Rikku - 70" - ordered 12/30/03 - paid
lout - Slytherin - ordered 01/12/04 - paid

Orders Unpaid:
saku - Slytherin - ordered 12/28/03 - unpaid
iggybob - custom - green and earth tones - ordered 01/01/04 - unpaid
Sara O. - Gryffindor scarf - ordered 01/10/04 - unpaid
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Knitting Entry... [10 Jan 2004|06:19pm]


legomyelfboy has given over the reigns of updating this community to me. And if you are looking on the website, I'm Mr. Wormtail.

I have to delete her entry on what's been paid and unpaid since I can't update it. I'll also be adding a few entries (like whose doing which scarf and how far they are at finishing it).

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[07 Jan 2004|02:23am]

<333 Much love for maiji!!!

Scarf site has moved to: http://marauders.hopeofbreeze.com <3 Thanks to maiji and her b00tiful hostessness <3!
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ORDERS [28 Dec 2003|11:11am]

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So, you'd like to order a scarf, huh?

Well, HP scarves are 8" wide and about 70" long. Each scarf contains 19 stripes. You can choose between Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw (book (blue and bronze) or film (blue and silver)), and Hufflepuff.

To request a custom scarf you should post a link to the picture of the scarf/person wearing it. If its not something out of a show, game or film, etc, please provide a detailed description of how you want it to look.

All scarves are knitted with 100% acrylic yarn unless otherwise requested (or sometimes if the scarf requires a tighter knit). These scarves can be machine washed and dried without problems.

To order, fill out the below form in a comment to this post.

LJ username:
HP Scarf house:
Payment Method: Paypal? Money Order?
If not HP, fill out the following:
Any special details? Tassels, etc?:

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